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Perfect colour bridesmaid dresses collocations

Bridesmaid in the wedding to be certain, but can't dress up too much, this is the most basic etiquette. What color that choose the formal dresses?

General situation, the maid of honor is can not wear three colors - red, black, white, especially not to wear black to attend the wedding, especially black...

03 Nov 2015

Long bridesmaid dresses makes perfect bridesmaid

Spring wedding, small pure and fresh and bridesmaid dress is a beautiful scenery line in the wedding, want to be the unique scenery, bridesmaids try these a few the water color of quietly elegant temperament dress, absolutely able to pure and fresh quietly elegant bridesmaid off nicely, the bridesmaid...

29 Oct 2015

Right dresses for bridesmaid in wedding

These days are sold on the market with a wide variety of about the formal dresses style of dress, the key is the maid of honor after dressing gown, given life to dress, give temperament, show the beauty of the bridesmaids.

Elegant dress

One shoulder can choose a delicate flower, the dress can put...

22 Oct 2015

Collocation of bridesmaid dresses colour

Pure and fresh and green and yellow

Bright colours, tripping yellowish green, representing nature and energy, life and creativity, can always bring a person the feeling that find everything new and fresh at the wedding, the most suitable for outdoor in the spring and summer grass a theme wedding, believe...

21 Oct 2015

Wear what outfit to atten wedding party

Choosing the perfect outfit to a party can always be confusing, especially when you receive the invitations to others’ wedding parties one after another. It’s improper to wear the same outfit or similar ones to attend all the wedding parties, so finding a suitable perfect wedding guest dress for a certain...

20 Oct 2015