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What to wear in spring wedding party

Spring flowers open, warm and humid climate, many brides are choosing wedding MM in this season, before a really good time to settle down, will consider the theme of the day, wear what wedding dress is more suitable for spring to get married? Let Sir clothes specially recommended you each a wedding...

07 Jan 2016

Sweet sexy one soulder bridesmaid gowns 2016

Enthusiasm always hidden under the appearance of delicate mind, around the soft heart, telling a little-known secret. Hazy orange under the gauze is lithe and graceful figure, if show, more the taste of temptation. By delicate manual deduce catching plait skirt, too close, or cross, or hanging gesture...

09 Dec 2015

Break old bridesmaid dresses tendency

Bridesmaid dress popular trend, breakthrough the traditional way of bridesmaid dresses depressing design, make bridesmaid dresses low-key elegant also sexy enchanting woman temperament. Take a look at the bridesmaid dress popular trend.

Romantic bud silk bridesmaid dresses

Kate princess led the...

06 Nov 2015

Perfect colour bridesmaid dresses collocations

Bridesmaid in the wedding to be certain, but can't dress up too much, this is the most basic etiquette. What color that choose the formal dresses?

General situation, the maid of honor is can not wear three colors - red, black, white, especially not to wear black to attend the wedding, especially black...

03 Nov 2015

Choose bridesmaid for brides

The first consideration when choosing the bridesmaid to pick a few, from where to pick up. Generally the bride will choose from his close friends or relatives, can choose the number of standard is 12, most preferably dual. Choose the bridesmaid will choose bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid dresses...

23 Oct 2015