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bridesmaid wear dressing in winter

The bride dress collocation is the bride taste and style is an important part of. With good bride dress can add a lot of the charm of color to the bride. The bride dress collocation skills is of great significance.

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Effect of winter bridesmaid dress is the bride gives a person the feeling of pure clear, strong leng yan.

1, color features: pallor or with olive, blueish brown. Can't see the glow of cold tone color.

2, send lubricious characteristic: black, dark brown, silver grey, deep red wine.

3, eye features: eyes, black and white eagle eye, eye is a deep black, umber.

Tie-in tips: winter, choose the bride dress preferred tonal should be solid color. Because of color of the four seasons, winter bridesmaid dress is the most suitable for using the grey, black, white three color, other colors, navy blue is also possible.

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Optional is red, when choosing a red wine red rose. Suitable for color: black, grey, white, purplish blue, wine red, rosy pure color, etc.

18 Nov 2015