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Black Wedding Dresses Of Art

Back in 1997, Sarah Jessica Parker married Matthew Broderick in a  black wedding gown. Her reason? To avoid media attention. And while Ms.  Parker was successful at thwarting the pesky press, over the years she  has repeatedly admitted to regretting her not-so-white wedding. In fact,  the actor has said that she would wear white if she ever renewed her vows to  Broderick.

But, what would you do? Not many people remember what  brides, even famous ones, wore on their wedding day. Sarah Jessica's  choice, although regrettable to her, has remained fresh in people's  minds and may have even inspired some bridal gown designers to "go black".  Case in point, a few of the gowns appearing in the Spring and Fall 2011  collections of some of our most admired fashion designers.The following are dresses that flirt with going to the "dark side" and dresses that just go for it.

Vera Wang (above) and Atelier Aimee (below) add a black sash that makes a more subtle statement than going all black. 


Designers at Atelier Aimee, Rosa Clara and Carolina Herrera(below, respectively) start to get a little more daring by incorporating black details into their gowns. 


Vera Wang steps it up a notch by going gray! Still pretty daring...

Rosa Clara goes even further by covering white fabric with black tulle.


And finally...

Romona Keveza doesn't just design a black wedding dress. She designs a short, black wedding dress.

Oscar de la Renta delivers a black wedding dress and tops the look off with a black veil.

Atelier Aimee takes black and goes Victorian with it.

Rosa Clara's BBD (big black dress)

Romona Keveza goes "conventional" by keeping the black dress long this time.

And Vera Wang goes full circle.

What do you think about this trend??  Would you give it a try or feel you would regret it afterwards??  Inquiring minds would love to know!

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12 Nov 2015