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Perfect colour bridesmaid dresses collocations

Bridesmaid in the wedding to be certain, but can't dress up too much, this is the most basic etiquette. What color that choose the formal dresses?

General situation, the maid of honor is can not wear three colors - red, black, white, especially not to wear black to attend the wedding, especially black fishnet stockings. Is the best dress skirt, the color pink is preferred. Although you can wear it in all sorts of ways but still need to see.

In China, especially in the wedding banquet type, pink short dress is the most popular. Because the pink lovely romantic, no matter how many colors in popular, pink is always cannot abandon the inherent nature of most women, soft and warm, with a teenager's dream. And at the wedding, pure belong to the bride, only the bride to wear white, female guests are generally are not allowed to wear. But in popular this year, the white is inevitable, therefore, it's best to wear any other white color adjustment. Don't wear white, a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role.

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Compared with the bridal gown with clean simple but elegant, bridesmaid outfit became popular in recent years is gorgeous! Gorgeous and not young nun is tonal, this kind of candy color can not only smooth add festive atmosphere, for the wedding ceremony and white gauze is tie-in, can foil more out of the elegant beauty of the bride. For the table is festival, the maid of honor can be in pastel dress to add some gorgeous elements: such as pink, orange, red bowknot belt, or have a small area of the gorgeous decoration on clothing. Small white dress the waist with a green ribbon is most suitable for spring and summer outdoor wedding, the ribbon is pure and fresh and fashion, can let the couple in the crowd one eye see you!

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03 Nov 2015