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Four color style of formal dresses mathes your wed

Formal dresses can't over the bride wedding dress, elegant and necessary conditions when the choice, of course. The following a few formal dresses together, I believe that this group of showily and not make public the formal dresses must be the maid of honor of choice.

A, deep and remote white dream

1, the overall dress smooth lines, in the middle of a small blue and white striped belt can draw the outline of the maid of honor is graceful figure.

2, match with black fine with high heels, more show small formal attire of chic.

3, you can use a variety of different shades of blue are tie-in, such as sky blue dress skirt + dark blue accessories, creating layers of intensity.

B, cool and refreshing blue dream

1, choose quietly elegant blue tones, avoid dark blue, create a clean, reserved, temperament, and make the overall image and pure and fresh and relaxed.

2, cultivate one's morality clipping can reflect your elegant flavor, delicate ornament bowknot between the waist, don't mind.

3, the main dress dress, bridesmaid hands with a small bag, rice white, is also a good choice.

C, brown trajectory

1, full of luster of silk fabrics with local fold material handling, avoid the dress is too ordinary.

2, with the light green, rice white elegant is tonal the phase contrast.

3, hair can be a little decoration, fluffy buns and white flowers ornament, can let you more show cordial nature.

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D, soft cream-colored

1, pure cream-colored can more set off the white clear and elegant, let the bride more bright, pure and fresh, also let the maid of honor clean and free from vulgarity temperament is the best interpretation.

2, with a little gold ornament, can build the feeling of lively and lovely, bring fresh window dress.

3, cream-colored dress is very suitable for this kind of pearl jewelry with warmth, jade-like stone embellish feels.


02 Nov 2015