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Choose bridesmaid for brides

The first consideration when choosing the bridesmaid to pick a few, from where to pick up. Generally the bride will choose from his close friends or relatives, can choose the number of standard is 12, most preferably dual. Choose the bridesmaid will choose bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid dresses selection skills, add color to your wedding.

1, those who unite is tonal

 white bridesmaid dresses 


Coordinate with each other, of course, is to let each bridesmaid dress yes, but every girl size different temperament, so might as well choose a unified color and fabric, the rest of the details are decided by their own.

2, details of the clever design of the dress

No matter how cute, a dress once become a bridesmaid dresses is through, later is likely to be on the shelf. But the fate of a garment is also can have a connection with a bit of the side, a little flower decoration, style different skirt or a beautiful neckline, can the designer’s admirable bridesmaid dresses into elegant evening dress, let it out is the fate of the hanging in the wardrobe corner unloved.

3, accessories

Their jewelry is dispensable, jewelry accessories let bridesmaids to choose, of course, you need to point out that want to see them wear which kind of jewelry, pearl, silver or gold), but the specific details, let them choose from their possession of baby.

 satin bridesmaid dresses 

4, flowers,

Can let each bridesmaid to get a bouquet, flower types vary, but all is the color of wedding is tonal. So, if your wedding color is pink and green, you can make a bridesmaid with a bunch of pink roses, another with a bunch of purple peony, and the next is a bundle of green silk. Your flowers and flowers can be the all in one two, to a collection of colors, the bride’s bouquet can be a bit bigger than the maid of honor.

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23 Oct 2015