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Collocation of bridesmaid dresses colour

Pure and fresh and green and yellow

Bright colours, tripping yellowish green, representing nature and energy, life and creativity, can always bring a person the feeling that find everything new and fresh at the wedding, the most suitable for outdoor in the spring and summer grass a theme wedding, believe love nature, the pursuit of peace, kind gentle bride, must not miss the pure and fresh and natural green and yellow.

Yellow-green brief paragraph small dress one shoulder, lively and lovely. Tight waist highlights the graceful curve of the maid of honor, with a little fold the hem of the cultivate one's morality, modelling is clever. Decorated with bowknot one shoulder design, highlights the asymmetric design fashion sense.

Sweet watermelon red

Watermelon red color is bright, fresh and natural. Than is more charming than peach pink, red and a little more charming is spruce lovely, not just a bright on the vision, tie-in effect more aesthetically pleasing. Watermelon red dress collocation, appropriate to attend in summer fairy tale beautiful wedding or party, is the perfect choice for the skin fair-skinneds in vain, sweet and lovely girl.

A-line watermelon red knee-length dress, sweetheart collar doublet loose skirt collocation, concise air, pure charm. The fold is the line of sight up before the bosom, clever decorate figure scale, waist fastens with color flower decorations, add sweet woman flavour.

Red birdesmaid dresses

Dark navy blue

Fashion, atmosphere, composed of navy blue, either as the main color of the dress, or deserve to act the role of the ornament of color, are all the same fascinating. As this year's popular color, navy blue presence at the wedding is quite high, very suitable for summer at the beach a romantic wedding, if you pursue fashion, yearning for the sea, and love to travel, will give their wedding to some navy blue.

Sweetheart collar strapless dress with navy blue, must be a bridesmaid's favorite gift. Chest twill tailoring prominent sexy side, cooperate loose skirt waist waist design, joint shape, and reveal yingying a grip of delicate feeling.

Refreshing ice blue

There is water ice blue quiet and indifferent, generally include feeling, can perfect fusion other colour, and do not break his true colors. Pure clear ice blue, always bring a person relaxed and pleasant feeling, and don't have a smart and elegant. Tie-in coefficient high ice blue, suitable for any season, is also suitable for outdoor a fantasy theme wedding, more suitable for independence, freedom, graceful and restrained the bride.

Elegant A-Line Sweetheart Ruffle  Satin Knee-Length  Bridesmaid Gown

The mysterious noble purple

Purple as if with a glowing rays on the Mediterranean Sea, in any depth, is noble, charming, and with a mystery. As the change of concentration of purple, can give a person with multi-level rich visual enjoyment. It represents a delicate, romantic and elegant, the most suitable for spring, summer or early autumn a chic luxury type indoor wedding, suitable for mature, romantic and perceptual and rational with the bride.

Purple bridesmaid dresses

21 Oct 2015