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What to wear in spring wedding party

Spring flowers open, warm and humid climate, many brides are choosing wedding MM in this season, before a really good time to settle down, will consider the theme of the day, wear what wedding dress is more suitable for spring to get married? Let Sir clothes specially recommended you each a wedding...

07 Jan 2016

Baldwin Bride wins Seamstress Suit

I don't know about you guys, but reading this article made me spitting mad. It was mentioned on FB by News12, and as of this point there are just under 500 comments on the FB page.

So I'm not quite sure what's more upsetting; that people just don't understand what goes into correctly constructing and...

06 Jan 2016

Which style of wedding dresses is best

Wedding dress style is varied, wear in the body as beautiful? The answer is no, only on the choice of neckline is considering the figure, the wedding style two factors; In addition, you also need the right accessories as a punchline, neckline and deserve to act the role of the code is to choose the...

30 Dec 2015

Trendy prom dresses manchester in 2016

Dress use high-grade imported fabrics, and capture the whole picture of the fabric only part of the essence of creative cutting, different gradient dress, dark sapphire blue with fabric decoration in the waist place, has played a very good decoration effect and visual effect caused to tighten and brighten...

25 Dec 2015

Nice ladies formal gowns online

The new personality dress can let you attend any occasion smoothly. Add black lace sexy pink little shyness instantly promote the charm of the dress. Skirt of special handling is to let us feel the designer's unique. Horizontal grasp fold the added administrative levels feeling of the dress.


23 Dec 2015

Long sleeves wedding dresses released

The colour of the light color and brunet combination always can let a person remember, peach pink and black collocation are together also have a shock. Sweetheart collar sweet together on the gauze curtain of light spirit, from the design of one shoulder, along with fine fold, like running water, flowing...

21 Dec 2015

London halter neck evening dresses for showing

Always look forward to in a certain corner of life, meet the most beautiful surprise. That a glimpse of the blues, is eternally beautiful. Dress of the single shoulder sequins dance freely, the breeze across, it jumps out full of happy; Dark blue skirt reverse catching plait, in the line of sight of...

17 Dec 2015

Newest Collection Of Formal Designer Dresses

The latest collection boasts designs from renowned designers such as Kristin Cavallari and Tarik Ediz.Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) November 30, 2015

Paris Dress, the world's leading online fashion house, has launched their latest collection of designer formal dresses. Be it for prom or for a special...

15 Dec 2015

School style special occasion formal dresses

Noble elegant purple dress makes you a play has become the focus of attention. Select advanced this purple dress on the material and texture of tencel satin material, soft and comfortable and quality. Sleeve department of fashion design makes this dress is very outstanding.

Design and the design of the...
10 Dec 2015

Sweet sexy one soulder bridesmaid gowns 2016

Enthusiasm always hidden under the appearance of delicate mind, around the soft heart, telling a little-known secret. Hazy orange under the gauze is lithe and graceful figure, if show, more the taste of temptation. By delicate manual deduce catching plait skirt, too close, or cross, or hanging gesture...

09 Dec 2015

Pink bridesmaid gowns brings elegant style

Pink bridesmaid dresses on the version of the type and style are very good, seems particularly cultivate one's morality version type, mainly is the perfect design between the chest and waist, make whole looks particularly well-balanced tall, the breast line and line on either side of the skirt to make...

30 Nov 2015

Pure fresh elegant bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses look full of fashionable breath of youth, although in the light of the golden color and the integration of green color, appear pure and fresh and gorgeous, and overall look more like a small dress, elegant, give a person feel special charming is spruce top low-cut style, will be the...

26 Nov 2015

ASOS make weddings affordable with bridal range

GETTING married on a budget is a pretty impossible task these days.

What with choosing a wedding venue fancy enough to make Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan envious and a honeymoon that even Coleen Rooney would want to go on, it can all be a bit of a pricey business.

Photos By: Joannesdress


25 Nov 2015

friendships in bridesmaid rom-coms

In the Judd Apatow comedy “Bridesmaids,” Lillian (played by Maya Rudolph, second from right) and Annie (Kristen Wiig, far right) have to figure out how their friendship will adapt as Lillian starts a new phase in her life as a married woman. (Suzanne Hanover/Universal Studios)

Welcome to Wedding...

24 Nov 2015

I'm too sexy for my dress

This photo provided by Monique Lhuillier shows a Spring Summer 2016 bridal gown. Some brides are stealing from the red carpets and going more risque for the big days with illusion styles, cut outs and ultra-sexy backs. (Greg Kessler/Monique Lhuillier via AP)

Sexy in bridal wear isn't new, but...

20 Nov 2015

bridesmaid wear dressing in winter

The bride dress collocation is the bride taste and style is an important part of. With good bride dress can add a lot of the charm of color to the bride. The bride dress collocation skills is of great significance.

Sweetheart Satin Bridesmaid Gown -- Dressforau Serious

Effect of winter bridesmaid...

18 Nov 2015

How the Bond Girls Got a Modern Reboot

Photo: Dave M. Benett/WireImage

Forget what you thought you knew about James Bond: The 50-year-old franchise’s latest installment, Spectre, which hits theaters today, is breaking all the rules. Don’t get us wrong—there will be plenty of martinis, exotic locales, and high-action stunts in the 24th...

17 Nov 2015

Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses

I love, love, love, vintage inspired wedding dresses.  They add character, warmth, and happiness to lovely brides on their special day.  I could browse for hours through hundreds of vintage inspired wedding dresses (in fact, I have!).  Here are a few I have discovered using my good friend...

16 Nov 2015

Same color different style bridesmaids dresses

As the bridesmaid,it is the provisions of the youth, is also a young girl, like fairy tale to when the green leaves foil for the bride. Today, with small make up just to bring us different kinds of bridesmaids dress, see if there are suitable for you.

Choose a bridesmaid dress Tips:

1, first consider...

13 Nov 2015

Black Wedding Dresses Of Art

Back in 1997, Sarah Jessica Parker married Matthew Broderick in a  black wedding gown. Her reason? To avoid media attention. And while Ms.  Parker was successful at thwarting the pesky press, over the years she  has repeatedly admitted to regretting her not-so-white wedding. In fact, ...

12 Nov 2015

Simply Radiant Of Romantic Wedding

Move over emerald, here comes radiant orchid! Crowned the Pantone color of the year for 2014, this rich jewel tone is perfect for your spring/summer wardrobe! If Giuliana Rancic and Oprah can do it, so can we!!

Also the perfect color to use as a cheerful inspiration for your upcoming nuptials! From decor...

11 Nov 2015

Sweet sexyand small short formal dresses

Bride would invite the best girlfriends do the maid of honor, if you haven’t chosen a formal dress and then to look small make up to bring us the sweet little gowns, formal dresses, guaranteed to achieve the result of sweet and beautiful and not upstage the bride.

One, so sweet and sexy fashion one...
10 Nov 2015

Mira Zwillinger Stardust Bridal Collection 2016

We’ve brought back Mira Zwillinger to see part two of her gorgeous Stardust Bridal Collection! We couldn’t get enough of the unique and creative styles the first time around in Part One. Just like in part one, there are many more breathtaking patterns that are waiting to be explored and adored, and...

09 Nov 2015

Break old bridesmaid dresses tendency

Bridesmaid dress popular trend, breakthrough the traditional way of bridesmaid dresses depressing design, make bridesmaid dresses low-key elegant also sexy enchanting woman temperament. Take a look at the bridesmaid dress popular trend.

Romantic bud silk bridesmaid dresses

Kate princess led the...

06 Nov 2015

Golden Globes 2015 Recap

We could not be more excited to announce that we will be carrying Paper Crown bridesmaids dresses at over 30 of our Bella Bridesmaids locations! 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the styles that will be arriving in stores next week!!

Left to Right: Breanna Dress, Jillian Dress, Lauren Dress...
05 Nov 2015

Choice of formal dresses colour for bridesmaids

Pink Red:

Belong to warm color pink light red, is a very bright color, often make the bridesmaid touching mingyan. If choose pink, then on the style and detail as far as possible concise, not too loud, on the one hand, reduce the class on the one hand have a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role....

04 Nov 2015

Perfect colour bridesmaid dresses collocations

Bridesmaid in the wedding to be certain, but can't dress up too much, this is the most basic etiquette. What color that choose the formal dresses?

General situation, the maid of honor is can not wear three colors - red, black, white, especially not to wear black to attend the wedding, especially black...

03 Nov 2015

Four color style of formal dresses mathes your wed

Formal dresses can't over the bride wedding dress, elegant and necessary conditions when the choice, of course. The following a few formal dresses together, I believe that this group of showily and not make public the formal dresses must be the maid of honor of choice.

A, deep and remote white dream...

02 Nov 2015

Long bridesmaid dresses makes perfect bridesmaid

Spring wedding, small pure and fresh and bridesmaid dress is a beautiful scenery line in the wedding, want to be the unique scenery, bridesmaids try these a few the water color of quietly elegant temperament dress, absolutely able to pure and fresh quietly elegant bridesmaid off nicely, the bridesmaid...

29 Oct 2015

Yolan Cris Wedding Dresses 2016

byKayla Marsh

Stop and see the gorgeousness in these Yolan Cris wedding dresses! This new collection of haute couture includes delicate details in the fabric, the finest embroidery and beautiful stones in a wide-ranged color scheme. Yolanda and Cristina are the two Barcelona-based sisters that founded...

26 Oct 2015
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